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In Which I Just Keep Swimming

Dear week I know what you're doing.  You're being as awful as you can muster it up to be.  Thanks for that, it was a lovely addition to mid-term week stress.
Dear me just keep swimming...(is that reference overused? Hope not, because I'm using it anyway) Eventually, something has to go right far, everything that could go wrong, has. (cue worse news, just because I said that)
Dear favorite blazer I swear I'm going to find you a nice dry cleaner to get that detergent stain off of you...
Dear people above me KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE MUSIC. (sorry for the passive aggressiveness of that last one, but I now understand how blasting rock music at someone can be considered torture)
Dear Mid-Terms well, I finished all of you. Now please be good grades...
Dear Week you better make up for this awful week....I'm looking at you Saint Patty's Day. Where's my Irish luck?

Do you have any letters to share this week?  I'd love to read!


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