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Instead of What You Should be Doing...

- Sing.  This is intended for people who are tone deaf, preferably for use with a song involving a number of high notes (She Will Be Loved, I'm talking about you).  It's best if you do this loudly, and with plenty of theatrics as though you are a rock star.

- Organize your iPhone apps.  They really should be categorized, anyway.

- Read blogs.  There was that Bloglovin' link-up yesterday, and a lot of those blogs looked promising.  You should really go read them all - it's for the good of your blog, after all.

- Speaking of blogs, you should cue a few posts.  You know, so you don't have to worry about it when you're really busy.  Just write a few drafts, and schedule them to post later in the week.  It won't take too long...

- Return any calls you've been avoiding having to make.  It's just really important that you call back your high-school lab partner who you haven't spoken to since sophomore year biology.

- Take a few Photobooth selfies.  You really don't have enough of those on your blog...

- Online shopping.  There's free shipping - it would be fiscally irresponsible NOT to buy something.

- Clean your refrigerator.  No, I don't mean empty out old stuff.  I mean pull everything out, and take a sponge and anti-bacterial stuff to it.  Sure, it's not really dirty at all, but why should that stop you from cleaning it?

- Feed the cat.  I know you're, like, 99% sure you fed her this morning - but you wouldn't want her to starve, would you?

- Catch up on the Vlogbrother's Youtube channel.  You never did watch all of those videos, and how are you going to understand the inside jokes if you don't watch them?
And while you're at it, you should probably check out some of those other channels they talk about, like My Drunk Kitchen, and Soul Pancake.

- You know, you always talk about all the DIYs you're going to do...maybe you should look twenty or so a few of those up.

- Which brings me to Pinterest.  You've really let your boards go lately....get on that!


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