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It's Monday, and since we all know how tiring those can be - it's time for my weekly cop-out: what I've been up to lately.

Eating Mike n' Ikes.  Only the red and pink ones though...which means the rest of the bag just sort of goes to waste.
Loving this girl's blog, which you probably don't need me to tell you.  But if for some reason you haven't been over there yet - do it now.  Seriously, come back to my post later.
Singing (loudly, and off-key I might add) American Pie.  Because who couldn't use a little Don McLean to spice up their mornings?
Watching these videos.  Okay, so maybe don't be crazy and watch them all like I did at the end of last year (there are over 1000), but start here and I swear you'll be hooked.

Looking Forward To spring break.  Just 4.5 more days, and a few finals separate me from home sweet home.
Wishing I were going somewhere tropical for the week.  Just picture me somewhere like here...

Reading (or at least trying to) Pride and Prejudice.
Drooling Over these gorgeous photos.  I missed seeing them in my feed every week...

So what about you? What are you up to on this Monday?


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