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I've always wished I could be one of those girls who just gets things done.  No procrastination, no forgetting, or "my dog ate it"s, just do it.  Ooo, how I've always envied those girls.

Me, on the other hand?  I need a reason.  I need motivation to get even the littlest things done (like that laundry I spent all weekend telling myself I'd do?  Yeah, guess who's still looking at a basket full of dirty clothes).  I need to-do lists.  I need deadlines.
I need goals.

And lately, that's just what I've seen floating around the bloggy world (blogosphere? blog-dom? blogiverse? okay...stopping now): monthly goals, updates on yearly goals, 101 in 1001 goals....
Well, today I want to try something new (for me at least): weekly goals.

So here goes - my first Sunday To-Do List:
(1) er...write this list
(2) Start drinking a lot more water (again).  
For a while there, when I first stopped drinking soda (still going strong on that one!) I was drinking a ton of water.  Then, for whatever reason, I just stopped.  
(3) Spend some a lot of time in the library, and ace my mid-terms this week.
(4) Try to find some orchid food.
I've been told by a reliable source ( friend) that water and sun aren't enough.  Maybe that's why it's dead?
(5) As long as the weather stays this gorgeous (I'm still lost on how it snows Friday morning, and then hits the 60's on Saturday and Sunday, but I'm not complaining), get outside with my camera!
(6) Do the laundry

What about you?  Are you one of those people who can just get things done, or do you need goals too?
And what are your goals for this week?


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