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Here's Hoping Time Flies

Why do I feel like I was just writing this post can't already be Monday again, can it?  At least it's a busy week ahead, so maybe the clock will grow wings and time will fly?  Here's hoping that, next thing I know, it's Friday; and if that fails, here's hoping to a good bearable Monday, starting with what yours truly has been up to lately.

Anticipating May, and the move to my first apartment.  Guys...I'm seriously counting down the days over here.
Eating wayyy too much.  This weekend was such a bust in terms of eating "healthy".  But when your aunt puts chips in front of are you supposed to say no?  That'd be rude, right?  And when, after a dinner of wings and fries, she puts the most incredible cannoli dip out on the table, it would be crazy not to at least try it, right?  Right?

Loving that Spring has finally decided to come out to play.  Now here's hoping it stays a while, and only leaves to make room for my other favorite visitor - Summer!
Wondering where all you lovely readers and followers are coming from.  I'm getting so close to my goal of 100 followers on Bloglovin, and I'm just in shock that you lovely people are interested in the things I have to say here.
Listening to the soundtrack from Saturday's episode of Doctor Who.  Go ahead - I know you're all judging me for my excessive mention of Doctor Who.  I swear I'll stop soon...maybe...
Watching this incredible video that I shared on Twitter the other day...

Reading Pride and Prejudice.  Maybe I'll actually finally read the whole thing?  And when I'm you guys have any good suggestions - I love new books!


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