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If You've Been Here Longer than a Week...

It's Friday, and if you've been here for more than 7 days, you know exactly what that means around here:  Friday's Letters with The Sweet Season.
(and if you haven't been here that long, and you're wondering why the heck is this girl writing letters to inanimate objects? - hop on over here to see some of my past Friday's Letters. And if you still haven't figured it should probably try it yourself just to gain a better understanding)

Dear birds outside my window I'm sure that in a month or so, I'll be tired of waking up to you every morning (because I'm a grouch like that in the mornings), but right now - I'm loving it.  Keep on singing :)

Dear Chipotle and Qdoba why are you so good for my tastebuds, but so bad for my health?  You need to stop tempting me with your deliciousness. (although, I guess I've already boarded that train since I have a member card at Qdoba....oops?)

Just looking at this beauty I ate for lunch last week makes me want a burrito bowl...even if it is only 9am...
Dear Starbucks barristas Is it a sign of addiction that you know my name and my order? According to Twitter, I think it might be....
Dear dead Orchid I had such high hopes for you....  I guess me and my black thumb should stick to this great idea that my friend found on Youtube and suggested the other day...

And that, my friends, is a wrap.  Have a lovely weekend!



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