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Welcoming in the New Month

Happy Monday everyone!  Or if you're still in the celebrating mood, happy Easter Monday!
I hope you all had a great weekend, and are ready for a new week.  And what would Monday be without a comprehensive list of what I've been doing with my time?

Reading blogs blogs blogs, like always.  But especially Kelley's!  One Hot Southern Mess is my HelloBox partner for the month, and I'm so excited!  Make sure to go check her out :)
Isn't she adorable?
Browsing Pinterest.  I've always been a pinner, but for a while there it fell by the wayside.  I'm back and in action guys - I can't seem to stop!
Eating candy, obviously.  Easter was yesterday....calories from candy don't count for at least a week afterwards, right?  Because that's what I'm telling myself, anyway.
Looks delicious, amiright?
Watching Doctor Who, obviously.  I found out late Saturday night that it aired Saturday, not Sunday - and nearly had a panic attack until I realized I could watch it on iTunes.  All is now right with the world.
Why yes, yes this is an entirely pointless GIF of the Doctor, why do you ask?
Listening to the birds outside my window.  Their chirping makes me think it might be warm outside, but I'm sure I'm being deceived.
Ready for Spring!  Saturday's warmth made me hopeful, and then Sunday was back to cold and rainy.  Why are you messing with us, Mother Nature???
But it's April now, so maybe the weather is finally ready to turn warm...

And if my list wasn't enough, go check out Robin at The Sunshine Diary, who I stole this lovely idea from!


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