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How to Pack, According to a Professional Procrastinator

This Saturday, I'll be leaving my dorm-days behind, bound for something bigger (only slightly) and better: my first apartment.  Or actually, a townhouse if we all want to get technical.  Which I do, that extra floor makes a big difference!

With just a few days left, things are starting to get crazy up in here (read: my head).  Minute to minute, I go from crazy excited, to losing my shit, to as calm as any other day, to full-on crazy lady panic.
Mostly, lately, it's that last one.  And how do I calm myself?  Packing.

Or rather, making lists of the things I need to my head...
And because I love you all so much, I've decided today's the day to invite you on in to the crazy.  Be careful not to trip on all the crazy I've left lying around...

Wait till the last minute.  That's clearly the first step to successfully moving into your first place.  I mean really, you can't pack ahead of time...that would be far too forward thinking, and would totally avoid the crazy panic that comes with last-minute anything.

Start online-shopping for a cute suitcase.  That one you saw at Vera Bradley last month was pretty cute, and this old blue thing is ugly!  You obviously can't pack without a pretty suitcase

Admit you can't afford that right now.  Shed a tear or two.

Convince yourself you work best on a deadline anyway.
If you'd tried to start packing a week ago, it would have gone terribly.  Not at all the way it should.
(Same thing with papers, just in case you were wondering.  You're a journalist! You thrive on tight deadlines....right?)

And then, when you finally do admit that you've got three days, two of which will be spent at work, and the great majority of all three will be spent in the library/classroom, throw it all in to the bag.
Don't bother with that silly folding thing your dad spent so much time and effort trying to teach you.  It just fits better this way. (Pro-tip: no it doesn't. You're probably going to have to unpack everything and repack it when you realize that your closet alone takes up your entire suitcase and you've got nowhere to put the stuff in your drawers)

Turn on some music.
Seriously, what were you thinking not putting the iTunes on the minute you pulled out the suitcase?
Specifically, put on something you can sing along to.  Like Hilary Duff - which is obviously the appropriate choice for someone old enough to be moving into their first apartment.

Convince yourself (and your readers) that what you really need right now is Starbucks (that's only going to be covered by your meal plan for two more weeks - so you better get on that!).  And a list of directions on how to pack that isn't nearly as funny as you think it is.

Stop telling yourself that lists are appropriate post topics two days in a row, before you start scaring people away.


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