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5 Reasons I'm a Terrible Blogger

Over the past several years that I have blogged on and off, it has become abundantly clear to me that if nothing else, I am a terrible awful blogger.  Wanna know why?  Well great - this is the perfect post for you (and me, because we all know my penchant for lists)!

(1)  I rarely broadcast new posts on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else.  I know that I should, but I'm usually too lazy to do anything but look at other people's tweets and Facebook posts.   

(2) It's sort of a miracle if I post 5 days a week like I'm supposed to.  My posting schedule is more of a "well, it's officially afternoon....shouldn't I post something?  ... Nahhhh, I can't really think of anything."  
If the clock strikes 4PM and I've thought of something, Good Day Sunshine will get updated that day.  Otherwise...nada.  (and trust me, my roommate yells at me for it) 
Example?  Last Thursday and Friday.  And almost today.

(3) I got up two minutes into writing this post to go look for food.  Because pumpkin bread is far more important than this list, and I'd finished my smoothie.  Obvi.

(4) While everyone else is fawning over the new Passionfruit, I refuse to spend 50$ a year on it.  This is mostly because I don't actually sell any ads, so I can't justify spending money for something that is supposed to be free (cough cough, ad swaps).  So while I understand the reasoning, and think it's actually an incredible offer, I'm still too cheap.  
You know what I did enjoy about the new Passionfruit though?  All the blogging ladies who offered discounted ad space! Now that I'm willing to spend money on.

(5) While every blogger I read actually plans out their posts, I'm more of a "well, it's 2PM...what should I write about today?" kind of a person because I'm spending most of my free time watching entire seasons of TV shows working.  Maybe that's why I so rarely post as often as I should?  
I also don't proofread, which is basically rule #1. 

And that's all I've got for you today.  Maybe you'll see me tomorrow?  In the meantime, what makes you a terrible awful blogger? I know I'm not the only one...

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