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It's Monday and I'm not Recapping

It's Monday, and while the rest of blogging land is recapping their Saturdays and Sundays with loads of photos, this waitress is trying to remember what she did this weekend that didn't include serving food to other people (while not-so-secretly wishing she could eat it all herself).
But you can't be too disappointed...when have you ever found a weekend recap here?  Instead, I'll bore you all with a currently list....that's close enough, right?  
why yes, my hair is just that lovely first thing in the morning. Thanks mom for encouraging that perm....
Watching Orphan Black.  A couple months ago, my friend who I go to for all my television watching needs (read: she introduced me to Sherlock and Doctor Who. How could I ever go wrong listening to her advice?) suggested I start watching this show.  Alas, it was not on Netflix, and so I'd sort of forgotten about it until the other day when I found it OnDemand.  Three days later and I'm 6 episodes deep.  
Obsession? What obsession?

Mourning the loss of Peace Lily.  I would like to think she died quietly in her sleep, but chances are I was supposed to feed her.  Who knew plants needed to eat anything other than water and sun?
My roommate nearly cries at the mere thought of me purchasing another plant that she feels I will inevitably kill, but that's probably not going to stop me.  So what's easy to take care of, fellow black-thumb bloggers? (hint: not orchids.  I've killed orchids.)
Peace Lily in her prime
Reading Sherlock Holmes (still) and the second book in the Delirium series. My roommate has me on a dystopian kick lately, and I'm loving this book! 
Is it a problem that my roommate has been mentioned twice in this post already?  Yes?  Oops...  

Reading (the blog edition) This, that, and the other.  

Cooking Tomato Basil Soup from here, Pumpkin Bread from a box, and Fettuccine Alfredo (for my daddy and brother for dinner last night).  All by myself, too!
Of course I have no photographic proof, which just goes to show that I would be a terrible foodie blogger.  But really, who ever thought I'd be a good one?

Listening to the Passenger station on Pandora.  In. Love.  Just go listen to it - now.

So what about you?  What have you been up to lately?


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