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My Blogging Middle Ground

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Nadine, hit the nail on the head when she talked about how terrifying blogging can be.
I'm constantly worrying how much I should share - what's enough to make people interested and to make it feel like this blog is really me and not just anybody else; but also not so much that someone can show up at my door channeling a certain very catchy, very creepy Police song.  What if a potential employer sees what I write here and decides not to hire me because of it? (seriously, Nadine could have been writing about me yesterday.)

Hopefully, I've found a good middle-ground - finding my voice here, but stopping just short of someone being able to guess my social security number and bank account password.  I'm neurotic though, and I worry sometimes that you guys might think I'm trying to say I'm perfect (trust me...that's a hilarious thought) when I don't share the nitty gritty details of my life.
So here's my middle ground, for today at least: I want to talk about some of my (more obvious) faults.  The kind that my roommate will read and go "yup, that's correct" because girl is brutally honest and I love it.

Have this picture of me and Theodore Roosevelt making ginger mustaches look hot
 I've always been a pretty introverted person, shy and much more apt to stay home watching Doctor Who or reading a book than to go out to the bar with my friends (that's not a trivial example...I spent an entire semester my sophomore year shunning most social interaction in exchange for watching Rose and The Doctor travel around the universe).
I'm pretty sure I've lost friends over this, and trust me that sucks.  I'm terrible at social interactions, and I think that's a first in the blogging community.  But I think I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that this is just who I am, and it's not changing any time soon.

I eat way too much.  And it's never good for me.
I also eat like a 6 year old; and if you don't believe me, my freezer is stocked with Ellio's Pizza and tortellini right now, and I've been eating grilled cheese for lunch on an almost daily basis.  At least I eat lots of fruit, too?

I worry.  A lot.
I'm worrying right now that some of you readers will judge me for this stuff, and stop coming back.  Or that somehow, in the future, this post will come back to haunt me.
Or that Moffat may never complete the 3rd season of Sherlock, and we'll all spend the rest of our lives wondering whether Watson ever saw Sherlock again.  (spoiler: I could probably just finish reading the books, but nothing's the same without Benedict Cumberbatch)

I'm a wee bit judgy.  It's a habit I'm trying really hard to break, because it's disgusting and rude and inappropriate and frankly, unattractive.  And my judgements are entirely trivial and more often than not include thoughts like "you've seen the movie, but you've never read the book?!?"
But it's a hard habit to break, so trust me - this is an ongoing process.

I am ridiculously lazy about the stupidest things.
For example, a basket of my clean laundry has been sitting in our laundry room for a week.  I have no desire to fold it so...sorry roomies...

Now please tell me I'm not the only one, before that worrying kicks in and I have to breathe into a paper bag...


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