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The Couch

That couch was always ours, wasn't it?

I can remember dragging it into our first apartment, finding it on the side of a road somewhere - the reject of a garage sale that had ended the day before.  Our friends thought we were crazy, and maybe we were; but it was a free couch and so we spent our money on wine and cookie dough instead.

We spent so many nights on that couch, working through quarter-life crises at midnight, and the break-up with a boy you thought you loved.  Cramming for finals at the last minute, and watching an entire season of a new show we love rather than sleeping.

We fell in love on that couch, and just as easily, fell out of love in the same spot.  We kissed boys we didn't care about, and cried on each other's shoulder the next night when we realized what we'd done.

We grew up on that couch, and somehow...we grew apart on that couch.  So that the spot where we once sat together, laughing about nothing, I now sat alone wondering when you'd walked away.



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