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On Cheerios and Love

My first semester of college, I took a Politics of Diversity class where my professor insisted that racism is ingrained, and we must be taught to think and react differently. For many of us, he thought, this class would be the first time we learned anything that wasn't racism and hatred.
I argued that the opposite is true - nobody is born hating. We teach our children and our peers to hate certain people for a thousand different reasons that in the end, don't make sense.

Over the last few days since the jury made a decision, a lot of hateful things have been circling around the internet concerning the Martin-Zimmerman case.  I don't want to talk about that, or my opinion on it here because of how controversial it has been.  Talking about it here would be, at least in my opinion, pointless. But given how the results have brought up issues of racism and equality, I think this video is important for everyone to watch.

I think that if nothing else, this study and this video show that - because everyone continues to teach children hatred of the people all around them - cases like the Martin-Zimmerman one become far more important and controversial than they ever would have been if we were taught to love rather than to hate.


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