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Rain Rain Go Away

I know it's summer, but the weather outside here in Pennsylvania is...well...frightful.

and that's just today!  The rest of the week is just as rainy
The last couple weeks here have been overwhelmingly rainy, and based on the weather report - it's not going to be any sunnier any time soon;  and that means this girl is going a little crazy.

Summer is my favorite season, and I like to go outside and take pictures (read: photograph every flower within my reach) every once in a while. That hasn't really been happening lately, what with the freak storms on and off every day...

(Coincidentally, you can blame this freak weather for the lack of pictures around here.  Well, that and working...)

So I'm asking you....what do you do when it rains (and rains, and rains, and rains....)?  Read a book...what's your favorite?  Watch TV....know any good shows now that I've finished with Elementary?  What are your secret cures for a rainy day?


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