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Let's See if I Actually Complete Any of These

I've always loved beginnings - New Year, new month, new book, new sheet of loose-leaf (for notes I've already written and re-written at least three times), new semester.  I think it's the feeling that any mistakes I've made are, in a way, erased; I can start with a blank page so to speak.

Beginnings give me the chance to make goals - to change, to make myself who I'd ultimately like to be.  Even if "eat healthy" ultimately turns into eating Cap'n Crunch for dinner.  Even if my goals come to very little, I think they still accomplish something; whether or not there's a noticeable change, goals make a difference in who we are.

So this semester, I have goals for each piece of my life: School, Internship, Work, Blog, Personal Life; and I'm going to share them here both for accountability, and for a record that I can make myself look at come November 3 when I never want to open another textbook.

- Make Dean's List, which at my school means a 3.67 GPA.  I've only made it once in my college career, and I want to again, because as weird as it sounds, it was a really awesome feeling to know I did that well.

- Create a portfolio I'm proud of, and will be excited to show to potential employers.  The newspaper I'm working for is offering me the opportunity to write for them, rather than to bring the staff-writers coffee and mail.  I want to make sure I take full advantage of that, because I know finding an internship like that is difficult.
- Leave a mark.  Make my supervisor remember me in a good way, one that makes him want to hire me full-time when I graduate.

- Earn employee of the week at least once
- Top three server sales at least two weeks a month

- Create and follow at least some semblance of a budget.  Knock it off with the Starbucks every time I go to work or class, and try to remember that I'm working, at best, half as much as I did over the summer.  That means half the income.
- Work out at least twice a week - whether it be running, going to the gym, or attending the group fitness classes my school offers for free to students (I'm not going to even bother telling myself to eat healthy.  I think after nearly 22 years, it's clear that that particular ship has sailed).
- Read at least 4 books for pleasure.  I know that class readings, articles, text-books, and essays are going to keep me busy for the most part.  But I'd like to get in the habit of reading every night before bed, even if it's only a few pages.  Right now, my reading list includes:
          ~ Edelweiss Pirates by Mark A. Cooper
          ~ I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
          ~ Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (I'm reading this right now...even if it is soaked in wonton
             soup from the great lunch-box massacre of 10 hours ago) 
          ~ Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
          ~ Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Got any good suggestions to add to that list?

- Start posting regularly again.  None of this three times a week crap with only a couple hours left in the day (ahem, 10:13PM right now).  Regular might mean three times a week, as long as they are consistently the same three days.
- Consistently read the blogs I enjoy following.  And don't follow blogs just for the hell of it - every time I do that, I get overwhelmed when I go to my Bloglovin' feed and find 127 unread blog posts.  All that accomplishes is that I don't read any blogs.

For right now - that's itWhat about you; do you make goals?  What are they?