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Mind Vomit

I know I haven't posted in weeks, and yet here I'm sitting...looking at a blank screen and not having a single idea that I could turn into a comprehensible post.

So...what you're going to get today is basically word vomit....except mind vomit.  Is that a thing?

Conflict is unavoidable - we're all going to fight with our friends, family, coworkers...
I think the really important thing that we all need to learn is how to handle it.  We're all different people, who have been raised differently and have different personalities.  But there has to be some middle ground that we can all agree makes the best of a situation, right?

I don't know about you guys, but this semester is busy already.  Internship two days a week, class two days a week, and work four days a week makes Kiersten a crazy girl.
But it's good too, I think.  It forces me to schedule, and work on functioning under a busy schedule.  I imagine that's what being an adult will be like.

I'm an INTJ which, among other things, means I am introverted. 
I knew that already - absolutely did not need a test to tell me (and yet, I take the tests over and over again because I'm interested in what they say). 
The thing is, I don't always like that about myself; I feel that life, especially my social life, would be 1000X easier if I were more extroverted.
I want to want to go out, but when I'm invited out to the bar or something....I'd rather curl up in bed with Sherlock and a good book (or five consecutive episodes of Doctor Who). 
I don't know if this is something I can change about myself, but I really wish I could.

I'm working on being less judgmental, because I know I can be pretty bad.  I don't say things out loud, but I think things.  And when I hear anybody else voice those thoughts...I immediately realize how disgusting it is.
We all have our problems...things that I'm sure other people are judging me on (ahem, my inability to go out for more than an hour, to name just one); so why do I think it's okay to judge them? 
I know it's only human...but lately, I've been stopping myself.  Whenever I feel a judgement coming on, I've stopped myself.
Do you have any better ideas of what might help?  Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem....

It's my last year of college, at a campus I've spent the last three years at.  I've met wonderful friends here, people I don't imagine I'll lose contact with; but there are also those people that I just see every day. 
The boy who holds to door to my building for everyone walking in and out of class.  He just does...every time I go to that building, he is there holding the door.  I see him in the library, in the dorm, at Starbucks...and he knows my name.  I don't know when he learned my name, but he knows it.  And yet I don't know his.
The incredibly sweet woman who runs the snack stand in my department's building.  I must have become familiar to her at some point, because we have conversations now.  She asked me today whether I'm a senior, and what I plan to do after graduation.
The professor in my department that I love.  I take him for anything I can, and it makes me slightly sad that after next semester - I won't be able to learn anything else from him.  Sad in the same way that I was leaving my favorite teachers behind in high-school.  Just one more person I'll have to say goodbye to in May.

Life, and all the little difficulties that come with it, are hard.  Hard enough to make me want to cry more often than not lately, and I think I need to find something to distract me from it.  Because my usual methods just aren't working, and I'm really stressed out.