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Glenties, Ireland

For some reason, I've always been curious about my ancestry.
Specifically, the Irish part.
Of course, I'd love to learn about the rest of my family too.  But I've always been enamored with Ireland, and if when I visit, I want to be able to go to "my" town. Or city. Or countryside.
Do I love the city because that's where my family comes from?  Or were they country people? What did my great-grandfather do for work?
Well, yesterday I caved.
I joined a free-trial on and I started looking.
And do you know what?
I'm from Glenties, Ireland. My great-grandfather was a mechanic there, and he and my great-grandmother, along with my father's Aunt Anne came here in 1933.  Four years later, in Philadelphia, my grandfather became a first-generation American citizen.  
Have you ever tried to learn about your family?  Did you use a cite like I did, or another way?
<3 Kiersten