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Double Fantasy*

 A couple of months ago (way back in 2012), I told you that for my birthday, I'd received a record player.
Since then, I've been recording everything I can find in our basement - artists I know and love, those I've grown up with, and those (ahem, Canned Heat) I've really never heard of.
 Maybe people who grew up with records rather than CDs, the Internet, and the iPod won't feel the same (I know my dad doesn't), but I love the crackle before a song starts.  
 And okay, maybe I just like the photograph-ability of records.  You can't really photograph a CD while it's playing...
This record - Double Fantasy by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, has been one of my favorite finds.  
I found it buried in the stack of my uncle's records.  Unfortunately, I also found a BIG groove in it - that would have warped almost every song on the record.
A good friend of mine saw it though, and bought me the record for Christmas!

Have you ever listened to a record?  Which one is your favorite?

*Obviously from my post, the title came from the title of a John and Yoko album.