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Ringing in the New Year

Maybe I should, but I've never been one to review the ending year as we ring in the new one.
Instead, I look to the future - cheering in the new year as the ball drops over Times Square.  I've always loved the chance for a new start, to promise to change something about me and my life. 

Last year, I stood in a room filled with friends - as new as 2013, and as old as freshman year of high-school.  Ten seconds later, in the brand new year, I stood in the same spot taking pictures and screaming with everyone else.  

So as I always do, this year I've promised myself something:
I've promised to write here more often
I've promised to carry my camera everywhere I go
I've promised to make 2013 a beautiful year, but to still remember 2012 because I so often forget

Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates it in the dead of winter.
Happy birthday Time. 
Happy 2013.

What have you resolved to change this year?