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Gotta Get Down

Friday, Friday gotta get down on.....
okay, I won't finish that thought - I don't want you all to run away just as soon as you got here.

 But now that I've returned home in a dress (in the middle of the rain and cold), making all my neighbors think I'm coming from a frat house (when really, I was coming home from my soon-to-be-roommate's house), it's time for the Friday usual: a few letters.
As always, this lovely idea comes straight from Ashley at The Sweet Season....won't you join us?

I'm just that excited for Friday Letters
Dear Mother Nature that was a nice trick you played there, giving us a couple days of Spring.  I gotta hand it to you - you had us all fooled.  But really....can it go back to 70 degrees now?

From this.....
to this in two days!
Dear Girl Who Let Me Under Her Umbrella you deserve the Good Samaritan award...seriously.  Thank you!
Dear Open Mic Nights you were a lot of fun last night...I'll be back soon!

Dear Thrift Store you're my new favorite!  I'm in love with my new (old) ring!
Dear Walk of Shamers does it really count as a walk of shame when you're coming from your soon-to-be-roommates bed that you shared with her and a cat?

And that's all I've got for you today, loveys....blame it on the cold and the final I'm taking in a half hour.
Have a lovely weekend!


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