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Reasons I Love the Lifestyle

You know what I love about lifestyle blogging?  Okay...a lot of things (let me count the ways...).  But one of the things I love about lifestyle blogging is that the star of the show is me.
If I want to talk about that hangnail on my left ring finger that I'm too afraid to bite off (real thing people.  real thing), I can.  If I want to post 100,000 photos of flowers, I'll go for it (but not really....I'll keep it MUCH shorter than that, lest you should run away), or if I think my Teddy Bear is an appropriate post topic - I'll go for it!
And similarly, if I want to dedicate a weekly post to what I've been up to lately know the drill.  Here's the Monday Currently.

Reading This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz.  I didn't expect an actual book in that spot, since I've been so awful about reading lately.  But my friend/roommate lent it to me, and it's so good so far!  Thanks Katherine :)
Eating strawberry-banana yogurt.  Seriously, as I write this post, I have a cup of Chobani in my hand. Best. Yogurt. Ever.  If you're eating anything else, well...I'm sorry, but you're wrong.
Baking these lemon cookies.  It didn't quite work out....more on that tragedy later.

Writing papers on papers on papers.  Seriously...the last month or so of the semester is crazy.  So if my posts around here start to get shorter...well, you know why.
Thinking about the quarter-life crisis that is the last year and a half of college.  As with the cookies...more on that later.

So what about you?  What have you been up to lately?

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