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Hi, My Name's Kiersten...

One of the great things about lifestyle blogs, I think, is that we really get to know the writer behind the words on a screen - we get to know one another, and interact on so many different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail....  But one of the most important parts of that, I think, is the introduction - the getting to know you stage.

Over the last couple of days, I've noticed a lot of new faces around here, so I think it's time for another introduction, blogger style.

So, name's Kiersten, and I'm a 20-something college student.  I'm studying Communications Studies and Journalism - and let me just say, the "real world" terrifies me.
From minute to minute, I go from being ridiculously excited to graduate, and absolutely terrified at the thought.  I'm indecisive like that.

That's my teddy bear, Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy for short, because 2-year-old me was creative like that).  Yeah...I still sleep with him every night.  And occasionally tape paper mustaches to him and take pictures....

I love writing, photography, The Beatles (which, coincidentally, explains the title), and exclamation points!
I watch too much Netflix, and occasionally blog about Doctor Who.
I would sell my soul (okay...or maybe just pay a lot of money) to see Mumford & Sons live.
I love to talk (loudly), and I guess this blog is an expression of that.
I have a cat - Boo (or Boob, Bubby, Booby, Kitty, Baby....), and my friends joke that I'm going to grow up to be a crazy cat lady.

they're probably right...
Sometimes, I make stuff: like pillows and scarves - and if I'm feeling really creative, I'll share that here! Sometimes I'll blog about food (and how I fail at making it, but love eating it), and relationships (or my lack there-of) too - but in the end, Good Day Sunshine is a lifestyle blog about, above all else, my life.
And if you want to know more, head on over here.

So I guess what I'm saying is....
Hi, I'm Kiersten...what's your name?
(no but really....introduce yourself!)


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